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Registration in Chennai

MSME stands for Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Under MSME Act, Enterprise can be defined as an industrial undertaking or a business concern or any other establishment engaged in the production or manufacture of goods. Enterprises engaged in the production or manufacture of goods relating to any industry. MSME registration is simply an optional registration that provides Micro, Small and Medium sized enterprises with various benefits like subsidies and schemes. MSME is classified in two categories that is manufacturing enterprises where the enterprises engaged in the production or manufacture of goods and service enterprises in which the enterprises engaged in the business of providing or rendering of services or in simple words, it is defined in terms of investment in equipment. Get MSME Registration in Chennai within 2-5 working days! Register Now!!


Benefits in Chennai

  • The MSME Registration in Chennai is not statutory.
  • Therefore, the MSME registration procedure in Chennai has been gestate to provide so many benefits to micro, small and medium enterprises./li>
  • Excise law, Direct taxes law and the Banking laws have incorporated the word MSME in their exemption notifications.

MSME Registration

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