What documents are required for MSME/SSI application?

Documents are required for MSME/SSI application

In order to register a MSME/SSI , the value of total plant and machinery should be up to Rs.25 crores for manufacturing units and Rs.10 crores for service units. While calculating this number, the value of land and building will not be included in the total investment. Also, the original cost of the equipment and plant and machinery is is to be taken into account. Depreciation cannot be factored in.

You may apply for the Provisional Registration Certificate (PRC) without an industrial license if your unit is listed in Schedule-III of the Industrial Licensing Exemption Notification dated 10th March, 1992. Other units not listed in this notification have to first acquire an industrial license. The unit should also have obtained all other clearances/licences, whether it is statutory or administrative. For example, a drug license from the drug control authority or an NOC from Pollution Control Board, if required. The unit should not violate any location restrictions in force. The unit must not be owned, controlled or be a subsidiary of any other industrial undertaking. The PRC is issued which is  based on the application form. No field enquiry is made. You will be issued a provisional certificate (in case your unit has not already commenced production) which is valid for five years. Once your plant is operational, a permanent certificate will be issued.

Documents that are  required for SSI/MSME Registration are a  proof of business address, identity proof of the promoters and the  constitution of the business. Additional documents may be required, based on the State, in which you want the MSME Registration. You need to send in PAN card, identity and address proofs of the proprietor/partners/directors. Private limited companies must also submit their Memorandum and Articles of Association,  Form 32,  Form 18 and their Certificate of Incorporation, while the Partnership firms  must submit the Partnership Deed. Also , a rental agreement for the office address, if it is rented, along with the electricity receipt is needed .

Some of the additional documents may are required to be submitted at this stage are different , as the procedure differs in each state. Some states require MSMEs to produce sale receipts of machinery and municipal clearance.

Apply for Permanent SSI registration

After starting your business, you can apply for a permanent SSI/MSME registration. You can do this by applying online through the govt. website or through the Zonal office or district office of the department.

Requirements for applying PRC (Permanent Registration Certificate)

  • You may apply for the PRC without an industrial license if your unit is listed in Schedule-III of the Industrial Licensing Exemption Notification dated 10th March 1992. Other units have to first acquire an industrial license.
  • Your unit should have obtained all licenses, as required, whether from the pollution control board, drug control board or any other necessary authority.
  • Your unit should not violate any location restrictions.
  • The original value of plant including machinery must be within the limits prescribed for the unit which you are applying.
  • The unit should not be a subsidiary, owned or controlled by another industrial undertaking.

Documents which are to be submitted      

  • Proof of ownership of premises i.e. property allotment letter/possession letter/lease agreement/property tax receipt. If the unit has a municipal corporation license in its own name or in the name of its proprietor or one of the Partners/Directors, then no other proof of legal possession is required.
  • In case premises are taken up on rent, the unit should submit a proof of Legal possession i.e. a rent receipt and/or NOC from the landlord with his ownership proof. For this purpose, rent receipt/rent agreement with a PoA (Power of Attorney) is also accepted provided the PoA is appointed by the owner/lessor through a Registered deed.
  • One photo copy of sale receipt of each end product applied for.
  • One photo copy of purchase receipt of each raw material.
  • Copy of Partnership Deed in case unit is owned by partnership (this need not be registered.)
  • Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association along with certificate of incorporation in case of private limited company (in case of any subsequent change of Directors, copy of resolution and intimation in form No.32) along with a copy of the resolution authorising a director to sign the application for a permanent SSI registration.
  • A copy of the industrial license from Govt. of India in case the end products require a license under Industrial Development and Regulation Act,1951.
  • An affidavit on a 10-rupee Non-Judicial Stamp Paper duly attested by an authorized Notary affixed with proper notary Stamp giving the status of the unit, installed machinery, power requirement etc. as per the prescribed format
  • Purchase receipt of machinery installed.
  • Photocopy of valid consent letter from pollution control committee of that state.

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